Atlanta City Council proposes scooter regulations


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ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) E-scooters have become a popular transit option in Atlanta, and you’ve probably seen them all over the city.

“They’re important travel devices,” said Andrew Pressler, Operations Specialist for Lime. “They basically eliminate six-dollar Ubers."

The scooters are convenient, but they are not without controversy. They are left wherever the rider chooses, often blocking sidewalks and wheelchair ramps.

Pressler said companies can’t always control what riders do.

“Just like we can’t control people running stop signs, we can’t control people littering,” he told reporter Ashley Thompson. “That’s just what a city deals with and the scooter is just a new business.”

On Monday, Atlanta City Council will decide whether to regulate the new business. Council members are proposing an annual $12,000 permit fee to be paid by scooter companies for the operation of up to 500 scooters. Any additional scooters will cost $50 each.

“Here’s the problem, I broke my arm on a scooter about six weeks or so ago and I started to take a close look at the safety issues,” said George Chidi.

Chidi believes the e-scooters need additional safety regulations. He said the city needs to demand companies change contract language which currently absolves them from any liability.

“If they’re unwilling to do that then it’s on the city council for the liability. The city council’s decision is going to be responsible for how many people end up breaking their arms.”

Council is proposing scooters be parked upright at all times away from cars, bus stops, buildings and wheelchair ramps.

The proposed regulations state that scooter companies can be fined up to $1,000 per day for violations.

Bird is asking customers to go to Atlanta city Council to share a public comment about the proposed regulations.

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