Atlanta launches first Department of Transportation

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) –As a construction worker and delivery driver Tre Reaves has a good handle on Atlanta traffic.

“Man we are overcrowded,” Reaves said. “It’s too much traffic. We need some over pass ways.”

We may not get overpasses built, but the city definitely wants the new Atlanta Department of Transportation to better address some issues. Before there were three to four different city departments involved in transportation. City councilman Andre Dickens wanted that consolidated.

“This department will be the one stop shop for everything related to transportation in the city related to roads, bridges, sidewalks, trails, coordination with MARTA, working with the street car,” Dickens said.

“I think a lot of progress is going to be attached with it,” Reaves said.

Dickens said the move helps save money as well.

“If three different parts of the city are buying asphalt, what if we all were under the same roof buying asphalt,” Dickens asked. “We get a better price per asphalt delivery,” he answered.

That asphalt can go to help a big problem drivers see in Atlanta.

“Potholes in Atlanta are ridiculous man,” Reaves said.

Besides pot hole repairs, the Atlanta DOT will also try to address traffic congestion.

“Planning of where we should have one way streets, two way streets,” Dickens said. “Where should we have bike lanes and bike facilities and sidewalks and trying to make sure MARTA bus stops are coordinated with where we are going to have major intersections.”

People are just hoping the DOT delivers.

“Good parking spots, good pot hole cover up and whatever else DOT needs to do to make Atlanta better,” Reaves said.

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