Cooling stations open as temperatures rise in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Temperatures are on the rise in Atlanta.

“It’s really hot and it’s humid,” said Greylynne Coleman. “And kind of uncomfortable but I’m still having a good time.”

Coleman isn’t letting today’s heat keep her indoors. We caught her at Piedmont Park on Friday.

“We’re just riding scooters and hanging out,” she told reporter Ashley Thompson.

High temperatures this weekend could be dangerous.

“I try to beat the heat,” said Cedric Wallace. “That’s the main thing. If I can’t get out early in the mornings, I’ll try to come later in the evenings or something like that.”

The hot weather is affecting animals as well. On Thursday, Gwinnett County Police K9 Eli died while helping to track down a suspect. Police said the dog showed signs of heat distress.

In downtown Atlanta, the splash pad at Centennial Olympic Park stays busy when it’s hot.

Scotty Patterson drove into the city from Tyrone with his sons.

“Any time we can get them in the water, it helps out,” he said.

As the weather heats up Dr. John Destito with American Family Care said it’s important to drink plenty of water and eat regular meals to replace salt lost through sweat. He also said to use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and to shower before getting in a pool.

“The reason for this is pretty simple. Any dirt or sweat, any deodorant or shampoo that’s on your swim can actually cause the chlorine in the pool to by less effective.”

The CDC recommends wearing loose-fitting, light-colored clothing while outside and avoiding hot, heavy foods.

City of South Fulton Fire Stations serving as Cooling Stations

Fire Station 2

4121 Cascade Road SW, Atlanta, Ga 30331

Fire Station 3

4035 Stonewall Tell Road, College Park, Ga 30349

Fire Station 5

3175 Bethsaida Road, Fairburn, Ga 30213

Fire Station 7

5965 Buffington Road, College Park, Ga 30349

Fire Station 11

4760 Fulton Industrial Boulevard, Ga. 30336

Fire Station 13

5890 Plummer Road, Atlanta, Ga 30336

Fire Station 15

6720 Cedar Grove Road, Fairburn, Ga 30213

Fire Station 17

8675 Ridge Road, Fairburn, Ga 30213

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