Growing population and Apartment living

The population of Earth has reached 7.3 billion in 2016. This figure was not more than 6 billion in 1998 and was less than 5 billion in 1986. And the population is still on the rise. With increased life expectancy and decreased death rate, more people are expected to live in the coming years. Not only has the number of people risen but needs of the people too. As the time has passed, technology has developed. In the past, the man who could happily survive under the shade of the tree, the same man now cannot even imagine such a life without any luxuries. In fact, luxuries of the past have become necessities of the present. He has learnt to build houses and roads. He has adopted a certain lifestyle that is now impossible to leave.

Initially, he would build the simple one storey house using mud and clay and be proud of it. Then came the bricks and cement and gradually and slowly as technology caught pace, the houses he built for living also improved. The unplanned land took the shape of planned cities, and apt designs were implemented for the cities and houses. Large colonies were made, and people started to live in the big houses. However, with the growing needs of the large population, it was important to build a big accommodation at a small piece of land because otherwise land could have fallen short for the population. As it is said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, it generated the idea of apartments for they offer more space on less land putting it to optimum use.

Building apartments have solved the issue of population explosion for some time. Many people who cannot afford to live in the big cities and own their places, apartments are very suitable for them. Apartments are convenient. They are handy and easier to manage. Their maintenance takes less time and less cost. They are more affordable as compared to the independent houses. Thus, many people moved into apartments. In fact, all across the world real estate tycoons are building apartments in the cities for their demand is only on the rise. Also, it is not limited to some regions and countries. Apartments are being built everywhere from the USA to UK, Middle East, Asia, Africa; everywhere. People have found apartments more comfortable and reasonable provided their needs and resources.

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